Avent Lane

>>Bass • Electric and Upright (Double Bass) • Vocals (lead and harmony)<<


Born September 1 1948 Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Playing professionally since 1968

All styles of music, rhythm and blues, folk, bluegrass, country, rock, pop, jazz

Played/performed with Annie Sellick, Dallas Starky, James Mckinney, Mac Wiseman, Kitty Wells & Johnnie Wright, Billy Walker, Opened for Ricky Scaggs, Jimmy C. Newman and many (too numerous to list here) of the top players around Nashville.

Helped form and played in the “Nickle Johnson Band” ( 80,s era R&B Nashville based group).

Helped form and played in the group“Straight Ahead” (90’era Honky Tonk bank)

This group was very popular and “opened” for various major acts such as Mel Mcdaniels, Jerry Clower….etc.

Over the last few years I have been playing with jazz guitarist greats such as Roland Gresham, Jack Pearson, Larry Pinkerton and Violin/ Fiddle artists such as Vasser Clements and Jim Wood.

Presently working with guitar virtuoso, Larry Pinkerton at upscale venues.

Latest project has been co-producing and playing with “Johnny B. and the Balladeers” on Music at the Mill volume one CD and performing with same group.

I consider myself an eclectic bassist with a love and appreciation for all forms and styles of music and to make with whomever I play, sound great. With this attitude comes a challenge to play and understand each genre in its’ cultural identity and not get mired in it. I subscribe to the notion that Duke Ellington expressed “ If it sound goods, it is good.”

Praise God !!!!!

Avent Lane