Gary Redmon

>>Guitar • Fiddle • Vocals<<

Gary Redmon performing with the Balladeers at the “Mill”
Photo Courtesy of Jo Todd

Bio: I started playing guitar at age 14, Phillip Douglas showed me my first chords. Just begged, borrowed, and stole everything I learned after that. I played in a lot of bands in the 70’s and 80’s. A lot of country, southern rock, blues, and some jazz. Then I discovered Doc Watson, and flatpicking.

Then came fiddletunes, after I got into fiddletunes I thought I would try fiddle. After I got where I could play some, that turned into eight years of fiddling with the Bedford County Bluegrass Band and David Travis and The Hands of Time. I stopped playing altogether in 1988. My hands would not work, Carpet Tunnel Syndrome. Then in 2009 I went to The Smithville Fiddlers Jamboree with my niece, who, I helped teach to fiddle. I ran into some old friends and I got eat up with it all over again.

My grandfather, Roy Redmon, played guitar and Harmonica, pretty good too. My great grandfather, Cager Bonnie Pinson was a Fiddler originally from Ireland. He played with the Frosts from Eagleville, as in John Frost, his people. Influences, anybody that can play a tune, I learned something from everybody I have ever played with.


Johnny B & the Balladeers
Photo Courtesy of Angela Ford